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Female Characters

GCH Dickens The Irrepressible RATN, ECM  "Iris"

Whelped: 05/22/2010

Sire: Ch. Sweet Apple Linmark's Telestar
Dam: Ch. Dickens Heart's Delight ECM

OptiGen: PRA Carrier

BAER: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

FN: Clear

AON Clear

OFA Hips Good, Patellas normal

CHIC 150542

ECSCA Top Producer 15 Champions

GCH.Dicken The Avenger II                                                  GCHS Dickens Timothy Sparks

Ch Dickens Lois Lane                                                           Ch Fanciful Shotgun Rider

Ch.Dickens Mrs.Goody                                                         Ch. Fanciful Dickens Beat of the Music

Ch Dickens Lil Gentleman                                                    Ch Fanciful Dickens At the Copa

GCH Dickens Mrs.Robinson                                                 Ch Dickens Henrietta Boffin

Ch Dickens Susannah Sanders                                               Ch Dickens Mr Datchery

Ch Dickens The Phenomenom                                               Ch Dickens Miss Larkins

Ch Dickens Badger Bayham

CH Jaybriar Dickens All Dolled Up.jpg

CH Jaybriar Dickens All Dolled Up       

Whelped: 09/02/2018

Sire:  CH Foxwoods Ivywood No Bounderies
Dam: GCH. Dickens Mrs. Robinson

OptiGen: PRA carrier

BAER: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

FN: Clear

AON clear

OFA Hips Excellent     

OFA Patellas normal

CHIC 152013

CH Dickens Henrietta Boffin "Etta" 

owned by Marissa Shepherd & Jean Shepherd

Whelped: 06/13/2016

Sire: GCH Especially Chick Magnet

Dam: GCH Dickens The Irrepressible ECM

OptiGen: PRA Clear

BAER: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

FN: Clear

AON Clear

OFA Hips excellent

Patellas normal

CHIC 131726

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